Best Jet Ski Towable Tubes for Fun On the Water

Your PWC can make for a great tow machine

Personal watercraft were designed with fun on the water in mind. With their outstanding acceleration and sharp handling, anybody who’s ever been behind the bars can tell you how much fun they are to ride. But you don’t have to be on a PWC to enjoy it – you just need to find the right towable tube to take somebody for a rip. The good news is there are no shortage of options and this article will take a look at some of the best Jet Ski towable tubes available today.

Beyond the search for the best Jet Ski towable tubes, we will also look into why PWC work for tow sports and which craft are best suited for the job.

1 – Airhead G-Force

Airhead G-Force 2

Airhead is the biggest name in Jet Ski towable tubes and the affordable Airhead G-Force 2 is a great option for PWC owners. It comes with topside stabilizer fins that are designed to “defy centrifugal force.” Other features include four nylon-wrapped handles with neoprene knuckle guards, durable heavy-gauge virgin PWC bladder that is fully covered with double-stitched nylon cover, Kwik-Connect for fast hook ups, and a speed safety valve for convenient inflation and deflation.

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2 – WOW Watersports Thriller

WOW Watersports Thriller

For the most exciting ride possible, PWC enthusiasts want the lightest possible towable tube and a great option is the Thriller from WOW Watersports. There are four different models available for up to four riders, but the single-rider WOW Thriller will give the most action packed ride of the bunch. Features include Tuff shell full nylon cover with zipper, zippered valve cover, heavy-gauge PVC bladder, double webbing foam handles with knuckle guards, EVA foam pad, speed valve for fast inflation and deflation, and reinforced towing system. Fully inflated, the single-rider WOW Thriller measures 50 inches wide by 48 inches long. Best of all, it costs less than $100!

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3 – RAVE Sports Diablo II

RAVE Sports Diablo II

The RAVE Sports Diablo II is one of the best Jet Ski towable Tubes, as it retains a compact footprint (48″ by 56″) and an attractive price tag. Features of the Diablo II include a unique tapered shape for improved stability, foam-filled handles set into reinforced neoprene patches, 24-gauge PVC bladder, 420D nylon cover, and commercial grade air valve.

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4 – Sportstuff Grandstand

Sportstuff Grandstand

Perhaps the most versatile of the Jet Ski towable tubes is the Sportstuff Grandstand. This towable allows a single rider to sit, kneel or even stand up. Features include EVA foam body pad, full nylon cover, dual steering leashes with holsters, and handles all over the tube for grip wherever it is needed. Better suited for more powerful PWC, the Grandstand is definitely a step up in price, but it offers a towable experience unlike anything else on our list.

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5 – WOW Watersports Weiner Dog

WOW Watersports Weiner Dog

Alright, so the WOW watersports Weiner Dog might not offer the most thrilling ride, but you can’t tell me the kids wouldn’t love this? The Wiener Dog is the most unique of any of the Jet Ski towable tubes we’ve seen and it is certainly the most eye-catching. Unlike the other tubes we’ve talked about, you sit on the Weiner Dog by straddling it like a PWC or motorcycle. There are two available versions, but the more compact two-person version is better suited to PWC duties. Features include EZ tow point hook ups, heavy-duty PVC bladder, nylon shell, and double webbing foam handles with EVA knuckle guards.

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Airhead Orb

Airhead Orb

While not a towable tube, the Airhead Orb will make the towing experience considerably better for those being towed. The Orb is designed to keep the tow rope out of the water and the wake, which helps the tube respond faster to the PWC’s changes in direction. For any craft with a low tow point (almost every PWC on the market), the Orb will make a very noticeable difference. It also enhances safety and extends the tube’s life, as Airhead boasts the Orb nearly eliminates any slack in the line. It comes with a 60-foot, 4100-pound tensile strength rope and is made of durable 30-gauge PVC.

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Tow Rope

Tow Rope

Once you’ve settled on a towable tube, you need to pick up a quality tow rope. One worth looking into is the Sportstuff 60-foot tow rope. Designed for one to four riders, this rope has a 4150-pound tensile strength and has a six-inch loop at each end. This particular rope is designed with minimal stretch and exceeds WSIA recommendations for 6-person towables. It also comes with a molded plastic caddy for organized storage that is easy to carry.

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Why Use a PWC for Tow Sports?

Despite their smaller footprint than full-size boats, PWC can make for solid tow vehicles. Towing multiple people at once on large towable tubes will certainly be slower that it would on a big deck boat, but these nimble craft have some distinct advantages.

First, because they use an impeller, you can take them in far shallower water without worried about getting hung up. This means towing in smaller rivers and canals is much safer and easier on your equipment.

PWC (Jet Skis, WaveRunners and Sea-Doos) also cost much less than larger boats and are far less expensive to maintain. They are also far easier to tow and launch than a boat. You can easily tow a PWC or two behind a small SUV and hardly notice any difference in fuel consumption.

Rules For Towing Behind a PWC

Laws vary between different states and countries, but if you are towing a tube behind a PWC there are a few things we would advise:

  • Use a three-seat PWC: most states require three seats for tow duties; one seat for the driver, one for the spotter, and one for the person being towed.
  • Mirrors are your friend: it’s not required everywhere, but having mirrors on your PWC lets the driver see what’s going on behind you without having to turn around.
  • Life jackets for everybody: while everybody involved may be expert swimmers, having proper PFDs for the driver, spotter and tuber is a must.
  • Cruise control is a difference maker: if your PWC has cruise control, the tuber will have a much easier time as it really smooths out the ride.

What is the Best PWC For Towable Tubes?

Sea-Doo Wake Pro Tow Pylon

Truth be told, most modern personal watercraft with three seats are plenty capable of tow duties. But if you are planning to do a lot of towing, consider upgrading to a more powerful craft. You don’t have to have 300 horsepower, but a craft that has plenty of acceleration will make for a more enjoyable and exciting ride for everybody.

One craft designed specifically for tow duties is the Sea-Doo WAKE Pro 230. Not only does it have plenty of power for towable tubes, but it comes equipped with a tow pylon for the spotter to hold onto when they are turned around and facing the tuber. This tow pylon also lifts the tow rope higher out of the water than tow hooks on other craft.

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