Best PWC Shoes For Added Grip and Protection on the Water

Wearing a good pair of PWC shoes is always a smart idea

With the power and speed of today’s PWC, investing in a pair of the best PWC shoes to help keep your feet firmly planted and in control of the machine is a must.

Today’s PWC are amazing for the amount of fun you can have on one, and for the tremendous amount of horsepower and thrust the engines are producing. You can now slice across the water at unheard of speeds. One way to help retain positive control of the PWC is by wearing specialized footwear. Much like wearing MX boots while on a dirt bike, or rock climbing shoes when on the rock wall, PWC shoes help you grip and control the machine, which can make the difference between a fun ride and a disaster. Here are five of the best PWC shoes on the market today.

1. Editor’s Choice: Jettribe GRB 3.0 Boot

Jettribe GRB 3.0 Boots

The Jettribe GRB has been at the top of the personal watercraft footwear world since it was first introduced and that continues with the newly updated GRB 3.0. These boots run true to size and come with a rubber sole with raised contact points and water flow channels designed to allow water to move under the boot. Designed specifically for PWC riders, the Jettribe GRB 3.0 also features pre-curved soles with arch support, soles that wrap around the toes and sides of the boot for extra stability, extra high neoprene cut for ankle comfort, marine-grade zipper entry (no more rotting laces and rusty eyelets), two adjustable Velcro straps, and reinforced front toe area for extra protection and grip.

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2. Sea-Doo Water Shoes

Sea-Doo Water Shoes

<p”>When it comes to finding shoes for personal watercraft, looking at the actual PWC brands is a good place to start. Sea-Doo sells its own branded water shoes and they are protected by a urethane coating. These are low-cut shoes and are designed to give you some extra protection and grip while out on the water while being comfortable enough to wear on the shore. Features include mesh uppers, perforated insoles to help water escape, non-slip and non-marking outsoles, and an anti-microbial treatment so they don’t get too funky after you get them wet a few times.

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3. Jettribe Rec R-14

Jettribe Rec R-14

If you’re riding at a little more casual pace, but still want a little added grip and control, the Jettribe Rec R-14 ride shoes are some of the best PWC shoes available. These slip-on water shoes from Jettribe are designed to have the comfort of a walking shoe, letting you run around the boat launch in comfort, but still have the added control from their Gecko sole with the 433 contact points to keep your feet where you want them to be on your PWC. A mesh upper drains water away and these shoes run a little big, so take that into account when ordering.

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4. O’Neill Superfreak

O’Neill Superfreak

While not specifically designed for PWC, the O’Neill Superfreak shoes work well for PWC use as well as any other water activity. The Fluid Foam outer sole wraps around your foot for added grip, while remaining comfortable for walking around. The upper is entirely mesh for draining and has a cinch cord around the ankle and a strap closure across the top to snug them down onto your foot.

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5. JetPilot Race Boot

Jettribe Amphib Ride Shoes

Another great option in PWC footwear from Jettribe, the Amphib ride shoes offer up excellent grip while being comfortable enough to wear while walking around the launch ramp or the beach. Up top you’ll find neoprene with a wide Velcro strap closure, while a TPR rubber sole is molded over the sides for added durability. Designed to get wet, the shoes come with drainage holes to keep your feet from getting water logged and a padded and water-friendly inner sole for exceptional comfort.

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6. Putu Quick-Dri

Putu Quick-Dri

For those of us looking for a simple, inexpensive water shoe to give us a little more traction for riding our PWCs, as well as adding a little protection for our feet when we’re not riding, the Putu Quick-Dri shoes are a hit. Available in 22 different color combinations and a full range of sizes, these spandex water shoes have a grippy, rubber sole and simply pull on and off for easy use. The shoes have drainage holes in the sole to get the water out quicker and the uppers dry quickly to keep your feet comfortable. Best of all, you can get them for less than $22 a pair! When you consider that price tag, adding the Putu Quick-Dri to our list of the best PWC shoes was a no-brainer.

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