Novi-TEC Performance says new product produces maximum power

If you are looking to get more capability out of your personal watercraft, Novi-TEC Performance of Palm Bay, Fla. may have a solution.

Novi-TEC has developed a new high-performance carburetor with Generation III booster technology.

After a year of testing, the Novi-TEC Generation III booster venturi is designed to create the most precise high-flow air/fuel delivery system available. According to the company, the Generation III design optimally meters air and fuel flowing into the combustion chambers to produce maximum power at all throttle ranges. Novi-TEC claims its new product virtually eliminates hesitation and bogging, while maximizing combustion efficiency.

“It delivers fuel sooner and has a lot higher fuel flow capacity than the previous versions,” Novi-TEC Performance president and general manager Tim Vaughn told “It also has significantly better particle breakup of the liquid.”

Vaughn says the Generation III booster isn’t just for racers, but for anybody who is running a stock carburetor and wants it to perform better.

“The part throttle fuel delivery on stock carburetors is just horrendous,” says Vaughn.

Novi-TEC says the design of the Generation III booster venturi offers precise and consistent tuning in all atmospheric conditions and minimizes sonic wave reverse fueling effects.

Price for the new booster begins at about US$500.