PWC 3-4 Passenger Runabout

3-4 Passenger Runabout

Far and away the largest segment in the industry, 3-4 passenger runabouts offer the widest array of prices, engine sizes and creature comforts. These crafts can be used for family fun, towing wakeboarders or just flying along the water at top speed. All of the engines in this class are at least 1000cc and can be as large as 1800cc. To make your ride more comfortable, options like navigation systems, cruiser seats, brakes and suspension are available.

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2015 Yamaha VX and V1 Lineup Review

New V1 series and big upgrades for best-selling VX line

Yamaha made some major modifications to the hull and deck of the VX line for 2015 that come with a price increase. However, Yamaha's new V1 line retained the old VX design and its entry-level price.

2014 Yamaha FX SHO Review

Former flagship still has plenty to offer

While it's no longer Yamaha's flagship PWC, the FX SHO still impresses with its ride, power, handling, and a long list of features.

2014 Sea-Doo RXT-X 260 Review

Performance craft built for speed and handling

Performance enthusiasts have long appreciated the Sea-Doo RXT-X a boat built for speed and handling, and featuring aftermarket-inspired extras. That it does even more than the expected, however, is what makes it special.

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