BomBoard Portable Watercraft Starts Crowdfunding Campaign

New engine and updated design among changes as production nears

A while back we wrote about a modular watercraft prototype called the BomBoard. That prototype has progressed almost to the point of production. To get it over the edge, a crowdfunding campaign on has been launched with the goal of raising $100,000.

Just days into the campaign, more than half the target has already been reached, which is a good sign if you are interested in this ultra-portable PWC alternative.

When we first wrote about the BomBoard, it was slated to receive a 250cc engine, but designers have decided to double that to a 450cc engine that produces a claimed 45 horsepower. Compared to modern personal watercraft, that’s not a lot of power, but the BomBoard has a dry weight of just 165 pounds. It can also fit in the trunk of most cars.

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If you live on the water, you probably don’t need a machine that goes in your trunk. But for city dwellers who don’t have a tow vehicle or a place to store a trailer, this modular craft is very intriguing.

The BomBoard will retail for $3,995, which is $1,200 less than a base model Sea-Doo Spark. However, early adopters to the Indiegogo campaign can get one for as little as $2,495.

BomBoard StorageThe BomBoard can be taken apart for easy storage.

We are eager to test out a  BomBoard for ourselves. Once we do, we will let you know what it’s like on the pages of