Four-Stroke SuperJet Highlights 2021 Yamaha Watercraft Lineup

Changes also made to VX, GP and EX families

The 2021 model year is shaping up to be a big one for Yamaha WaterCraft, with changes coming to the VX line, GP models, EX additions…and yes, the introduction of the brand’s first four-stroke SuperJet.

Here’s our first look.

Four-Stroke SuperJet

2021 Yamaha SuperJet Angle

It may be the most niche model in the Yamaha lineup, but we’ll lead with arguably the boldest new introduction, a four-stroke SuperJet.

The looks will immediately attract attention, with a taller, much more blunt bow design and aftermarket-style handle pole. Though noticeably larger than the previous model, fans will appreciate that the SuperJet hasn’t been as dramatically oversized as Kawasaki’s 800 SX-R. It’s 8.8” shorter and 142 pounds lighter than the Kawasaki standup. Compared to the previous two-stroke SuperJet, it’s 7.5” longer, 3.2” wider, 5.1” taller and 69 pounds heavier.

2021 Yamaha SuperJet

As many have long fantasized, the TR-1 engine is the source of the 2021 Yamaha SuperJet’s power. The compact, three-cylinder four-stroke is obviously a good fit for a standup craft. To ease the learning curve, an L-MODE is offered that reduces the engine’s performance to 85% of the true potential, or about 40 mph max speed. A five-gallon fuel tank is monitored by a fuel meter visible on the deck.

Interestingly, the new four-stroke SuperJet’s handle pole is adjustable and can be extended by the rider up to 50mm in length. The steering nozzle can also be adjusted to one of two positions to quicken or relax the steering response.

2021 Yamaha VX Series

2021 Yamaha VX Cruiser Deck

The VX has long been a perennial favorite in the Yamaha lineup, first as an entry-level model then, in recent years, maturing into a midrange platform. As Yamaha notes, the models have also long been industry bestsellers, with the VX Cruiser HO holding down the top spot for two years running.

For 2021 the big changes include an all-new deck design. Big additions include the brand’s 4.3” Connext helm control. The multi-color, LCD display is controlled via touchpad mounted adjacent to the steering column. Through Connext, riders can also tailor the acceleration of the craft, governing speed for slower riders or allowing the engine’s full potential to be on tap. In addition to Connext, VX models (except the base VX and VX-C) can be ordered with a factory-installed sound system. Twin 4.5” fully waterproof marine speakers integrate neatly above the forward end of the footwells. The system includes a two-channel, 50-watt per channel amplifier and an easy-to-access control pad. An integrated low-voltage regulator protects the battery from excessive drain should you want to enjoy your tunes on the beach.

2021 Yamaha VX Limited Speakers

The 2021 Yamaha VX also receives a new watertight glovebox, with interior LED lighting. Inside also find a dedicated spot for that ever-present smartphone, USB port and 12-volt power outlet, again on all models except the base VX and VX-C.

The redesign includes welcome new ergonomics. Footwells are both deeper and wider and will self-drain, eliminating puddles. The saddle is also 1.5” narrower (shorter riders rejoice!), a nod to overall comfort but also a streamlining that lets riders grip the seat better with their knees in rough conditions or during aggressive cornering.

2021 Yamaha VX Action

joining the series for 2021 is the VX Limited HO. Like the VX Cruiser HO powered by the 1.8 liter, normally-aspirated engine, the Limited HO includes the same accessory package as the VX Limited, including factory installed speakers, single rider tube, inflator, tube holder, towrope, towrope bag, 12-volt outlet, custom cover and two fenders.

2021 Yamaha GP1800R SVHO/GP 1800R HO

2021 Yamaha GP1800R Handlebar

On the race/performance side, the 2021 Yamaha GP series likewise gets that all-new top deck design, while adding a tilt-adjustable, race-inspired handlebar system. In addition to receiving the Connext system, the GP series also receives Auto Trim with Cornering and Launch Control modes. Engage the system and the craft will automatically trim down to prevent bow rise during acceleration, as well as drop the bow when decelerating for tighter cornering and what Yamaha dubs a racier feel. Like the VX models, there’s also the option for the factory-installed marine audio system.

In terms of ride enhancements, the 2021 Yamaha GP family receives a new hull liner that moves the center of gravity aft by relocating the fuel tank both lower and farther back in the hull to give the craft even greater agility than before. An upgraded jet pump and new intake grate promise to improve acceleration.

2021 Yamaha EX Limited

2021 Yamaha EX Limited

The entry-level EX platform also gets a new addition, the 2021 Yamaha EX Limited. This premium EX model adds a laundry list of items, including custom mats, a 3D logo, Yamaha-branded fender, pull-up cleats, upgraded tow hook, color-matched tube, 12-volt inflator and outlet, towrope, matching cover, tube holder, portablee audio speakers, waterproof bow storage, and a removable, compression-molded stern storage bag. With the Limited clearly taking on a watersports focus, the hull also gets wider sponsons for enhanced stability.