Best Floating Phone Case Options for PWC Riders

Protect your phone on the water

A quality floating phone case can save you a whole lot of hassle – not to mention the hundreds of dollars it would cost to repair or replace your phone. Sure, you could just leave your phone safely on shore when you go out for a ride, but most of us like to stay connected or at least have access to our music.

Smart PWC owners should consider spending a little money on a floating phone case should they decided to bring their mobile device on or near the water. Despite our best efforts, accidents happen and it wouldn’t take much for your phone to find itself sinking to the bottom of whatever body of water you happen to be on.

The good news is that pretty much every floating phone case is pretty inexpensive. Below we will look at some of the best options in the industry – from floating bags to more traditional waterproof phone cases that just happen to float.

Temdam Floating Case

Temdan Floating Phone Case

Let’s start with more traditional looking phone cases. The Temdam floating phone case acts as a life jacket for your mobile device. It is made from drop and tear-resistant foam that the manufacturer claims offers protection from drops up to 17 feet. This one-piece case is simple to install and comes in a highly visible orange color. It even comes standard with a kickstand, so you can watch video on your phone completely hands free, as well as a wrist strap and lanyard. We’ve seen prices as low as $14 on this case.

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GoPole Bobber Case

GoPole Bobber Floating Phone Case

The GoPole Bobber floating phone case looks fairly similar to the Temdam case, but there are some notable differences. Like the Temdam, this case floats, is drop proof (up to 16.5 feet), and offers simple, one-piece construction. Unique to the GoPole Bobber is a mount that allows you to directly connect to any GoPro compatible components you might have.  Prices on the GoPole Bobber start at $18. Keep in mind that neither the Temdam or GoPole cases are waterproof beyond what your phone offers.

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CaliCase Universal Waterproof Floating Phone Case


Taking things in a different direction is the CaliCase – a universal waterproof floating phone case. The CaliCase uses two layers of PVC plastic to ensure maximum waterproof protection. This case also allows you to take photos and video underwater, as the case is IPX8 certified up to 100 feet underwater. Of course, the CaliCase also floats and comes with a 100% money back guarantee with a lifetime warranty and no questions asked returns. Prices start at about $20.

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AquaVault Waterproof Floating Case


Similar to the CaliCase, the AquaVault waterproof floating phone case offers all around protection near or in the water. It is designed to fit all phones and relies on a patented floating airbag design to keep your phone from sinking. Your phone retains all functions while in the case, so you can receive calls, talk, listen, and take photos and videos – even underwater. A triple seal design prevents leaks and it has reinforced corners to protect from drops. Finally, the AquaVault comes standard with a neck strap. Prices start at about $25.

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Kona Submariner

Kona Submariner

The Kona Submariner is a waterproof phone pouch that shares many of the same features as the CaliCase and AquaVault. This case keeps your phone dry up to 100 feet underwater thanks to its double seam design. Beyond being waterproof, this pouch is also dirt proof, snow proof, shock absorbing, and it floats! The case allows you to use all of your phone’s touchscreen features – simply squeeze the case when closing to create an air gap between the pouch and the phone for perfect underwater usage. Finally, the clear plastic allows you to take photos and videos while the phone is safely inside. Prices start at about $12 and each case includes a five-year no-hassle manufacturers replacement should anything go wrong.

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Should You Get a Floating Phone Case or Phone Pouch?

There’s two clear classes of floating phone protection in this list – traditional looking phone cases and phone pouches. The traditional floating phone case probably looks a lot like the phone case you already have. They are one-piece designs and it’s shaped largely like your phone. They are perhaps a bit bulker than normal phone cases, but both of the ones we looked at here offer amazing shock protection from drops and they should fit comfortably in your pocket. The downside is neither offers any additional waterproof protection for your phone.

Waterproof phone pouches are a little different. These won’t comfortably fit in your pocket, so you will have to use a lanyard or wrist strap if you want to carry your phone. The big advantage they hold, however, is they ware waterproof and allow you to take photos and video while underwater. They also float.

So which should you choose? It really depends on your phone. If your phone is already waterproof, we prefer the traditional phone case design. But if your phone offers limited protection from the water, we would strongly recommend going with a waterproof phone pouch.

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