2021 Sea-Doo PWC Lineup Unveiled

New RXP-X 300 highlights new model year

A press invitation offering up an “XPerience” left little to the imagination about what Sea-Doo had in store for 2021. And as expected, a new 2021 Sea-Doo RXP-X 300 leads the way for 2021.

A craft with a long, rich history, the new RXP-X 300 boasts numerous changes, most notably a new T3-R hull with a completely revamped, deeper-V design. Featuring a sharp keel with soft outer chines, the craft rolls intuitively into the turns as before but is even more aggressive in its approach. A new, “shark gil” feature mid-hull also regulates air flow below the surface for greater control at speed. According to Sea-Doo, the new design provides greater stability at high speeds, a nod to both the race crowd and performance-minded enthusiasts, as well as chop-busting ability in rough water. The 2021 Sea-Doo model also trims an impressive 67 pounds from the craft’s weight, a savings that contributes to a newfound boost in acceleration.

2021 Sea-Doo RXP-X 300 Action

Other tweaks include a new seating configuration designed to make riders feel even more connected to the craft, a bold move given the previous RXP-X had arguably some of the best pure ergonomics of any craft on the market. It includes a rear bolster that can be adjusted up to 5” forward and back to fine tune the support to the rider in the saddle, even deeper knee pockets and a textured, tacky surface to prevent slippage. There’s also an optional, quick-connect rear seat that can transform this solo performer into a two-up craft for broader recreational use. Other improvements include expanded storage, the LinQ accessory system, and optional 100-watt Bluetooth sound system.

Elsewhere? A solution to debris in the pump that can plague riders in areas with heavy vegetation or seaweed has been introduced on the GTX Limited and FISH PRO, and is available as a factory option on other GTX models. Given the moniker Intelligent Debris Free (IDF) pump system, when activated the system actually disengages the driveshaft from forward and places it into reverse using a simple set of gears. Starting the engine then pushes debris back out of the pump cavity. All this happens at just the touch of a button, keeping riders out of the water and hands away from the pump area.

Sea-Doo iDF

“Debris such as seaweed and other vegetation is a constant challenge for riders, regardless of whether they’re taking a joy ride on a lake or running weed lines offshore like I do,” said Bri Andrassy, Sea-Doo Fish Pro ambassador. “The BRP design and engineering teams listened, and this revolutionary new iDF technology is going to be a gamechanger to make it an easier, less stressful ride.”

Also look for a wide, 7.8-inch full-color LCD display on the flagship GTX Limited. The app-enabled Bluetooth-connected display integrates control of music along with navigation, weather and more and is accessed via handlebar controls, keeping riders always in control of the craft.

2021 Sea-Doo GTX 300 Limited Display

The LinQ accessory system also grows, with cupholders and a cooler extension joining the list. Also in the catalog are a handy lid organizer for GTI, GTR and WAKE 170 models, the aforementioned 2-UP passenger seat for the RXP-X 300, and Comfort Seats for SPARK models.

Sea-Doo LinQ Cooler Extension

Finally, a reconfigurable Ergolock saddle debuts on RXT-X and GTR models. It enables these craft to transform from locked-in racers to relaxing cruisers with a flat lounge area while still on the water, and is tailor-made for leisurely recreational rides and coving.

2021 Sea-Doo GTR 230 Saddle

Look for more detailed, in-depth reviews of each model coming soon…