Is a Yamaha Personal Hydrofoil Coming?

This hydrofoil concept has us excited!

Yamaha has a long history of interesting and innovative watercraft, but we found some concept drawings for one that looks incredibly unique and lots of fun.

Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd. has registered some designs with the Japan Platform for Patent Information for what looks like a personal hydrofoil concept. There is no written description of what exactly the designs represent, but one of the images shows a person lying down and controlling what looks to us like a hydrofoil.

Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd. began the application process back in January of 2019 and received its registration certificate from the Japan Platform for Patent Information in October of 2019.

Yamaha Hydrofoil 4

But that is pretty much all we know. It’s quite possible nothing will ever come from this concept and if it does it’s likely to look quite a bit different if it does come to market. However, personal hydrofoils definitely do exist and a company like Yamaha certainly has the ability and the manpower to build one. And if it does ever come to market…we want the first ride!

You can check out the information from Yamaha’s application here. We  have included some additional photos from the application below.

Yamaha Hydrofoil 3

Yamaha Hydrofoil 2