Jet Ski Oil Buyer’s Guide

The right oil can make a big difference

Just like your car or truck, you need to use the right kind of engine oil in your PWC. Our Jet Ski oil buyer’s guide will help lead you in the right direction.

Jet Skis are amazing machine that can provide you with countless hours of fun and excitement on the water. Like anything with an internal combustion engine, you need to take care of the motor with regular maintenance and proper fluids. Jet Ski oil, be it for one of the newer four-stroke engines or an older two-stroker, is a vital part of the performance and longevity of the engine. Getting the right oil is not as simple as just grabbing a bottle off the shelf at your local big-box store. If you want to keep riding and not repairing, you need to get the right Jet Ski oil.

Oil Change Kit

Jet Ski Oil Change Kit

If you’ve got a newer four-stroke model, changing your Jet Ski oil can be a little tricky if you’re not prepared. Don’t worry, though. There are kits that get you started out right. This kit, in particular, includes an oil-extractor pump, which makes pulling your old engine oil out a breeze. It also includes the right oil filter for models going back to 2006 and four quarts of original Kawasaki 10W40 Jet Ski Engine Oil. There are certain advantages to going with OEM engine oil, too. If you’ve got a new Jet Ski, you won’t void any warranties by using it. Also, you know you will experience the same performance and can rest easy knowing you’re not damaging your engine. Not a bad thing by any means.

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Maintenance Kit

Maintenance Kit

Another way to go that is along the same lines is by having a maintenance kit on hand. This kit direct from Kawasaki gives you six quarts of OEM 10W40 Jet Ski oil, a genuine Kawasaki oil filter, an O-ring, funnel and four NGK spark plugs, the same plugs the factory uses.  The benefits, again, are obvious when going with factory original parts and fluids. You know it works. The cool thing is, there are kits just like this, available for just about every PWC on the market. Each from that machine’s OEM. Yamaha, Sea-Doo… Even Honda, Arctic Cat and Polaris still produce these products. Wouldn’t it be great to see one of those OEMs jump back into the PWC market?

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Motul Power Jet

Motul Jet Ski Oil

Stepping away from the OEM branded oil can be a little scary. Most OEM-based motor oils for your Jet Ski are made up of the remains of long-dead dinosaurs blended with synthetic oils. This oil from Motul is very similar to what the OEM produces. It is designed to perform perfectly in modern high-performance four-stroke marine PWC engines, making it an outstanding substitute for your Jet Ski’s engine.

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Maxima PWC Marine Four-Stroke Oil

Maxima Jet Ski Oil

Maxima’s PWC Marine 4T uses what they call an advanced additive technology in the development of its four-stroke Jet Ski oil. The Maxima oil is a petroleum-based oil with different mineral additives. This Jet Ski oil is designed to keep your engine from wearing, and it protects against the abuse the engine can take from those times when you really like to get on the throttle. It exceeds all specifications and standards for PWC engine oils and Maxima is definitely a brand you can trust.

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Kawasaki 2-Stroke Oil

Jet Ski 2 Stroke Oil

Two-stroke Jet Skis need a different kind of oil, but you knew that already. Jet Ski 2 stroke oil is different in another way. There are fewer issues associated with Two stroke oils, but the manufacturer’s branded oils are always a safe bet.

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Maxima Marine Pro

Maxima Marine Pro Jet Ski Oil

Maxima makes a high-performance two-stroke marine oil that is perfect for your Jet Ski. It is a petroleum-based oil that mixes well and has cleansing additives to help fight build up and the dreaded engine crud that can start the end of a two-stroke motor. Like it’s four-stroke version, this Maxima Jet Ski oil meets or exceeds every standard for performance.

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What Oil Should I Run in My Jet Ski Engine?

Jet Ski engines have to run in some pretty harsh environments. While you may never run your Jet Ski in salt water, they are designed to do so, so the engine is ready for that. Salt water is not kind to any engine, even aluminum-based ones. It’s kind of like a termite just waiting to get at your house. Jet Ski oil has to be able to keep the engine operating in that kind of environment, so the manufacturer sets a certain standard for how the oil needs to perform. Kawasaki produces engine oils that are both petroleum and synthetic oils blended together. The synthetic parts work well for cleaning and maintaining, while the dead dinosaurs help keep the seals tight and the engine humming.

Can I Run a Full-Synthetic Oil in My Jet Ski?

Sure. There’s really no reason you can’t. Just keep an eye on your Jet Ski’s engine oil levels, as you would normally, and follow the same maintenance schedule, changing the oil regularly as per your owner’s manual. It is pretty common to run synthetic oils in your two-stroke motors, too. Two-stroke motors tend to have slightly looser tolerances that four strokers do. The most important thing is to follow a strict regimen of maintenance with your Jet Ski so it is always operating at peak performance for you. The last thing anyone wants is to have to be towed back in. You never – ever – live that down. Trust us; we know.

What is the Oil to Gas Ratio in My Two-Stroke Jet Ski?

Most Jet Skis have a mixed oil to gas ration of 50:1. If you have an oil injection system, you don’t have to worry about mixing the gas before you put it in. But if you don’t have an injector, or if it breaks, the standard ratio is 50:1, or 2.5 ounces of Jet Ski 2 stroke oil to one gallon of fuel.

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