2019 Sea-Doo Spark Accessories

There are a host of brand new 2019 Sea-Doo Spark accessories to choose from. Here are some of our favorites.

The Spark has long been one of Sea-Doo’s best-selling models, combining old-school playfulness with modern technology and arguably the most attractive price tag in the business. So how does Sea-Doo plan to keep things fresh for yet another model year, besides the familiar bright and bold color patterns? The answer are new 2019 Sea-Doo Spark accessories…lots and lots of accessories.

Music To Your Ears

2019 Sea-Doo Spark Accessories Audio Portable

Last year’s BRP Audio Premium has proven a big hit on higher-end models. Now, SPARK lovers have a means to play tunes as well. BRP Audio Portable is a self-contained, “boom box”-style music system made by MTX and designed specifically for the SPARK. The 50-watt BRP Audio Portable pumps out the tunes through two 25-watt speakers and attaches to the craft forward of the handlebars via a surprisingly solid bracket mount. Clip in when you’re ready to ride, enjoy your music on the water, then clip out to bring the system with you onto the beach or dock. The lithium ion battery lasts for 24 hours of playtime; recharging is simple via a standard household plug.

The coolest thing about Audio Portable, however, is that it’s completely waterproof and floats upright, a combo that Sea-Doo touts by throwing the system in the water and allowing it to still belt out the tunes. The internal battery and Bluetooth connections means there are no external wires necessary. Toss some water on top and you even get a cool effect as the speakers pump droplets up into the air.

Spark Audio Portable

No, it’s not cheap. Installed by the dealer the system runs $550 US, available as a retrofit from Parts & Accessories the total climbs to $650. (The system is available to fit models all the way back to 2014. Installation takes about 30 minutes.) The lone catch? The system requires models have the 3-up Convenience Package. If your craft isn’t already equipped, it’s available as an option.

Additional Add-Ons

2019 Sea-Doo Spark Accessories LinQ Base

Perhaps the most important new 2019 Sea-Doo Spark accessories are built around the innovative LinQ system, which finally makes its way to the Spark. The LinQ Base Installation Kit for the SPARK 3-Up runs only $49.99, and consists of the familiar catches that rise above the swim platform. On the SPARK, LinQ can hold the LinQ Fuel Caddy, 21-liter LinQ Bag, LinQ Sport Bag, LinQ Toolbox and 4.2-gallon LinQ cooler. (Of note, LinQ accessories also expand throughout all models in the lineup.)

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2019 Sea-Doo Spark Accessories Comfort Seat

When it comes to comfort, the highlight of the 2019 Sea-Doo Spark accessories is the bolstered “comfort” seat, which is available for $239.99, giving the SPARK a little more plush, supportive of a perch than it’s been known for in past years. Rearview mirrors ($119.99) are also available to make the craft legal for watersports towing in states that require mirrors. Wind deflectors for the handlebars seem like more of a gimmick, but a collection of performance parts from Riva Racing are definitely not. The latter include a top-loader intake grate ($249.99) and Pro-Series Sponson Kit ($299.99), both of which should improve handling for performance-minded types. Also available are stainless steel hardware washer kits to dress up the bond line and provide a stronger base than the stock washers.

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Color Choices

2019 Sea-Doo Spark Licorice Mango

As to the SPARK’s infamous rainbow of colors, both two and three-up SPARK come in three color combos for 2019, Licorice and Mango, Vanilla and Blueberry, and Pineapple with Candy Blue. The more graphics laden Spark Trixx shows off Jalapeño and Pear or Orange Crush and Chili Pepper. Graphic kits continue to let owners individualize their craft further.

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