New Sea-Doo Fish Pro Highlights 2019 Sea-Doo Lineup

A first for the personal watercraft industry, the 2019 Sea-Doo Fish Pro is designed specifically for anglers.

Sea-Doo has long surprised consumers with innovation, but the brand’s latest news may surprise even the most seasoned industry watchers. The biggest headline is a model designed not for performance, not for touring, but specifically for…fishing. And by that we don’t mean the brand tossed on a simple cooler and rod holder. The 2019 Sea-Doo Fish Pro is the PWC equivalent of an offshore battlewagon.

Elsewhere the SPARK gets a Bluetooth sound system, the LinQ mounting system expands across the line, and nearly all models receive a new widescreen digital display with backlight.

But first, that fish story…

Fishy Business

Sea-Doo Fish Pro 2

Unlike most fish stories, this one is no exaggeration. Yes, the 2019 Sea-Doo Fish Pro is at its core a GTX 155 (a craft Sea-Doo already nudged toward fishing duty last year with a more stable presence at rest, removable aft seat and spacious swim platform), but BRP hasn’t just slapped on token accessories. Rather, the Fish Pro is seriously equipped for hauling in a catch.

Sea-Doo Fish Pro Studio

Yes, those rod holders and cooler are present and accounted for, but they’re impressive. The 13.5-gallon Fishing Cooler mounts to the brand’s LinQ accessory system, and includes four relocatable rod holders around its perimeter for poles and net. Its lid is recessed and features a familiar-to-fishermen cutting board and prep area. Facing the driver, a cargo-netted area is ready for items you’ll want to keep readily at hand. To that combo is added a legitimate fish finder and nav unit — a 6” Garmin EchoMap Plus 62cv Navigation and Fish Finder (linked to an in-hull-mounted transducer), mounted just to the right of a newly expanded 7.6” digital display. That’s already some serious fish gear, but look closer and the depth of Sea-Doo’s passion for the sport becomes clear.

Sea-Doo Fish Pro Navigation

Fuel capacity on the 2019 Sea-Doo Fish Pro has been upgraded to 18.5 gallons for extended range. The Slow Mode function now includes a new “Trolling Mode” setting. The saddle is more of a flatter bench to facilitate easy movement from front to back, and complemented by new gunwale footrests to provide more comfort when waiting out your target, as well as additional leverage when bracing against a fish on the line.

Sea-Doo Fish Pro 5

The Sea-Doo Fish Pro even gets supersized, adding an additional 11.5” in length and one more set of LinQ accessory mounts for items like a gas caddy. All is finished off with Sea-Doo’s classic attention to themed colors and graphics. The Fish Pro is White and a camo-hued Night Green, with orange accents, which seems well matched to the target audience.

Spark Gets Sound, LinQ Expands, Displays Get Big

2019 Sea-Doo Spark Stereo 1

At the opposite end of the lineup, the Sea-Doo Spark gets two upgrades for ’19, a Bluetooth sound system and LinQ mounts of its own.

The sound system is actually more of a modern boom box. It’s completely portable, meaning you can take it off the boat to the beach and vice versa, and is fully submersible. The 50-watt system points speakers back at driver and passengers for quality sound, and includes controls for volume and track selection. A rechargeable lithium battery promises up to 24 hours of playtime. Have an older Spark? The system, with its quick-attach base, can be mounted on all previous models.

2019 Sea-Doo Spark Stereo 2

Three-passenger Sparks also get LinQ mounts (as in fact do all models for 2019) and a variety of new optional accessories, including larger “comfort” seats and side mirrors. Those LinQ accessories also expand to include a 5-gallon LinQ Box, with durable, weather-resistant construction and sealed, lockable cover.

Elsewhere, the larger digital display makes its debut on all of the GTX/RXT/WAKE models, as well as the RXP-X 300 and GTR-X 230.