Top 10 Father’s Day Gift Ideas for the PWC Dad

Please...not another tie

If your dad rides a personal watercraft, then shopping for Father’s Day couldn’t be easier. And you’ll never have to flip through the tie rack at your local department store again!

PWC owners are easy to shop for. Either the actual craft needs some TLC or else the owner could use the some new accessories or the latest gadgets to make life easier on the water. To make your Father’s Day shopping as simple as possible, we’ve compiled a list of 10 gift ideas sure to please any PWC-loving father. We know we’d be happy to receive anything on this list for Father’s Day.


Slippery Fuse Wetsuit

Though we are headed into the warm summer months, the water in some areas just never gets comfortable. Treat your dad to some new riding gear and he’ll think of you every time he hits the water.

Plenty of options are available, including the Fuse wetsuit and jacket combo from Slippery. It’s constructed of lightweight neoprene and features a rash-free neck lining, non-slip rubber knee pads, flat-lock stitching and airprene leg panels for quick drainage. Read more about it here.

GoPro Hero3 Camera

GoPro Hero3

Don’t let your father take his expensive camera out on the water – it may not make it back to shore in working order. The biggest name in video cameras for outdoor enthusiasts is GoPro. The new GoPro Hero3 is available in three packages ranging from $199.99 to $399.99. These cameras shoot 1080p video, 11 MP photos and can attach just about anywhere to capture all the action on the water. You can even make your dad’s day by watching some of his highlights with him. Click here for more information.

Contour ROAM2 Camera

Contour ROAM2 Camera

While GoPro is the most familiar adventure camera, it’s certainly not the only one. The Contour ROAM2 camera features a sleeker design and offers the same 1080p video quality as the GoPro Hero3. While the 5 MP camera is less powerful, it can be set to capture photos every 1, 3, 5, 10, 30 or 60 seconds. It also has a built-in laser so you know exactly where you are shooting – and we promise your dad thinks lasers are VERY cool. Yamaha has even partnered up with Contour and offers a host of watercraft-specific accessories. Click here to learn more.

LifeProof iPhone Case

LifeProof iPhone Case

Wouldn’t you like to be able to take your iPhone out on the water with you? We wouldn’t recommend it – unless it was housed in a LifeProof case. A LifeProof case can turn your iPhone into an underwater video or still camera. It also protects your phone from damage due to dropping or just about anything else. And unlike some phone cases we’ve seen, the LifeProof iPhone case adds very little size or heft to your phone. Read all about it here.

Gas Card

Shell Gas Card

In case you hadn’t noticed, gas is expensive. That can be a real problem for PWC enthusiasts, as fuel economy isn’t exactly a hallmark of the sport. Why not give your dad a gas card so he can fill up his craft for free. Not having to pull out his wallet is sure to put a smile on his face when he’s at the pump – and a smiling face at a gas station is a rare sight!

Bomber Floating Sunglasses

Bomber Eyewear

How many pairs of sunglasses have you lost in the water? The folks at Bomber Eyewear decided enough was enough and designed a pair of sunglasses that float! Designed by former PWC racer Tommy Bonacci, Bombers won’t sink to the bottom of the lake or ocean when they fall off your face thanks to foam lining along the lens corners and down the ear stems.Read more about them here.

Traction Mats

PWC Traction Mats

Nothing on a PWC looks worse than worn out traction mats. They get cracks and rips and just start to look awful after a while. You can spruce up the look of your craft on the cheap by replacing the stock traction mats for something from the aftermarket. You can even choose new colors to give your craft a touch of modern style. Watercraft superstore has a wide variety of traction mat options to consider. Click here for more information.

Seat Cover

JetTrim PWC Seat Cover

Much like traction mats, a cracked or torn PWC seat cover is an eyesore. Fortunately, they couldn’t be easier to replace. You’d be surprised how much of a difference a new seat cover can make on your craft. JetTrim offers a host of standard seat covers to choose from, but you can design your own for a truly unique look. Click here to learn more.

Handheld GPS

Garmin Handheld GPS

Give your father a handheld GPS so he knows where he’s going and can remember exactly where he’s been. The waterproof Garmin GPSMAP 78s comes with a three-axis compass, barometric altimeter, color mapping and a microSD card slot so you can load additional maps. Click here for more information.


RIVA/Athena Pro-Series iControl ECU

If your father truly wants the best of the best, the RIVA/Athena Pro-Series Sea-Doo iControl ECU gives an amazing 40-horsepower boost to Sea-Doo iControl models. This fully programmable ECU plugs directly into the factory wiring harness via waterproof connecters and eliminates the restrictive GPS speed limiter. It also allows the user to start in Sport mode for full power delivery. Read more about it here.