New storage solution for PWCs

Water Caddy has a 90-gallon storage capacity

If you’ve been looking for a way to haul more gear across the water than your personal watercraft can comfortably or safely handle, Adventure Innovations Inc., a Colorado-based company, may have the solution with its Water Caddy.

The Water Caddy is a streamlined, fiberglass, non-motorized craft that can be used to transport coolers, sporting goods, camping gear and just about anything else you may need to bring with you.

Adventure Innovations developed the Water Caddy using high-performance materials to withstand the rigors of traveling over an average lake ‘speed limit’ of 35 mph while carrying nearly 350 pounds of cargo.

The American-made Water Caddy is seven feet long, 22 inches wide and 26 inches deep, providing approximately 12 cubic feet of storage – a 90-gallon capacity! With all that available storage you can say goodbye to those endless trips back and forth from the dock to your destination, saving you a boatload of money on fuel.

Towing the Water Caddy is a breeze thanks to a customized hull that is designed to cut through waves and rough water.

Helping to protect your gear is the Water Caddy’s cover, manufactured by the top name in marine fabrics – Sunbrella. Sunbrella covers are woven so that the cargo area can breathe, allowing heat and moisture to escape while keeping your gear dry from rain and spray.

You can customize your Water Caddy by choosing from more than 60 fade-resistant covers and four different sets of decals.

To keep the Water Caddy looking new for years to come, a hefty pigmented Gelcoat finish was added, making it water and corrosion proof.

The Water Caddy regularly retails for $2,395, but Adventure Innovations Inc. is holding a mid-summer sale that knocks $800 off the price to $1,595.

For more information, visit or call (303) 465-5514.