Yamaha unveils new VXR and VXS

Affordable, high-performance watercraft

Yamaha has unveiled its 2011 WaveRunner lineup, which is highlighted by a pair of new affordable, high-performance watercraft – the VXR and VXS.

The new VX Performance Series features Yamaha’s 1812cc 4 cylinder, 4-stroke marine engine, combined with an ultra lightweight hull and deck made from NanoXcel, Yamaha’s exclusive material that is engineered using nanotechnology to be stronger and lighter than anything else in the industry.

It is this combination of power and light weight that generates the VXR and VXS’s performance that Yamaha says rivals the industry’s best musclecraft. Additionally, because the VXR and VXS don’t have costly superchargers or intercoolers, the VX Performance Series is much more affordable. The VXS retails for $10,899, while the VXR has an MSRP of $11,199.

2011 Yamaha WaveRunner VXS2011 Yamaha WaveRunner VXS
2011 Yamaha WaveRunner VXR2011 Yamaha WaveRunner VXR

Stay tuned to PersonalWatercraft.com in the coming weeks for full reviews of Yamaha’s new watercraft.