Sea-Doo Unveils 2010 Pricing

U.S. and Canadian MSRPs released

Sea-Doo has released both U.S. and Canadian pricing on its entire 2010 personal watercraft line. Of note, an additional $345 freight charge will be added to each model’s MSRP.

Sea-Doo unveiled its entire 2010 PWC lineup on Sept. 2, which you can read about here. The primary theme for 2010 is the spread of iControl, Sea-Doo’s name for iBr (intelligent brake and reverse), iS (intelligent suspension), and iTC (intelligent throttle control). The GTX 215 iS receives the entire package, while several other crafts received everything except the suspension.

Model MSRP
GTX Limited iS US$16,499 / C$19,799
GTX iS US$14,699 / C$17,699
GTX US$11,599 / C$13,899
RXT iS US$14,999 / C$17,999
RXT-X US$14,199 / C$16,999
RXT US$12,999 / C$15,999
GTI SE 155 US$9,999 / C$11,999
GTI SE 130 US$8,999 / C$10,799
GTI US$7,999 / C$9,599
RXP-X US$13,499 / C$16,199
WAKE Pro US$13,499 / C$16,199
WAKE US$10,399 / C$12,499

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