Sea-Doo Partners with Devin Supertramp for Wakeskating Video

Spark tows Nike/Sea-Doo Wake athletes

With just 90 (or 60) horsepower on tap, BRP’s new Sea-Doo Spark doesn’t seem like an ideal tow vehicle. While the Spark is not likely to produce the kind of big wake most wakeboarders crave, it seems an ideal choice for wakeskaters. YouTube star Devin Supertramp put together a video showcasing the Spark and the Nike/Sea-Doo Wake athletes.

For the uninitiated, wakeskating is essentially a skateboarding on the water. With no straps to hold your feet, it looks ridiculously difficult. I can only imagine how many times I’d slam into the water if I ever tried it. If my experience with a skateboard is any indication, it’s probably best I leave it to those with some knowhow.

Despite my reservations, the video itself is very cool. Athletes Nick Taylor, Ben Horan, and Jen GilanFarr make it look almost easy enough for me to try it myself.

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