New Yamaha and Sea-Doo products from RIVA Racing

Ride plate and cooling kit for 4-stroke Sea-Doo PWC

RIVA Racing has released several new products for Yamaha and Sea-Doo personal watercraft. A fuel pressure regulator kit is now available for the Yamaha FX-SHO and FZ Series WaveRunners, while performance ride plate and open loop cooling kit are available for some Sea-Doo models.

RIVA FX-SHO/FZ Fuel Pressure Regulator Kit

RIVA Racing says its fuel pressure regulator kit ($474.95) provides the precision pressure control necessary to compliment aftermarket ECU applications on Yamaha’s 1.8-liter SHO engine. The kit is fully assembled and mounts securely on top of the fuel tank via a sturdy aluminum bracket.

The billet pressure regulator can adjust base pressure from 25 to 80 PSI. The unit can also be set up as rising rate fuel pressure regulator at a 1 to 1 ratio providing one additional pound of fuel pressure for every pound of boost gain.

The kit plugs directly into the original fuel system with OEM connectors and features a large 3/8″ fuel return line that is routed through supplied rubber fuel tank cap. Also included in the kit is an integrated liquid-filled pressure gauge and billet fuel pressure regulator block-off necessary for removal of stock fuel pressure regulator in fuel tank.

Key Features Include:
•  Precision fuel pressure control with optional rising rate function
•  High quality stainless steel liquid-filled pressure gage
•  Large 3/8 fuel return line
•  Includes billet Fuel Pressure Regulator Block-Off
•  Easy bolt-on installation with OEM fuel connectors
•  Includes complete installation instructions & tuning guide

Fits Yamaha FX-SHO, FZR & FZS models.

RIVA Sea-Doo 215/155hp 4-TEC Performance Ride Plate

The RIVA Sea-Doo performance ride plate ($249.95) is designed to deliver the perfect balance of top speed and improved handling. RIVA Racing says top speed is increased by 2-3 mph along with straight line stability. The deep channeled design claims to provide improved traction in turns and faster lap times. This ride plate requires the use of RIVA Open Loop Cooling Kit.

Key Benefits Include:
•  2-3 mph top speed increase
•  Improved straight line stability
•  Improved cornering
•  Race proven design

Fits all 215 & 155 horsepower Sea-Doo 4-TEC models.

RIVA Sea-Doo 4-TEC Open Loop Cooling Kit

RIVA Racing says its open loop cooling kit ($239.95) dramatically reduces engine operating temperatures for improved performance and reliability. The kit also allows installation of the RIVA Performance Ride Plate by eliminating the need for a heat exchanger.

According to RIVA Racing, the original closed loop system becomes quickly heat soaked in high performance applications. The open loop system increases cooling efficiency via a steady supply of cool external water.

Key Features Include:
•  Improved performance & reliability
•  Allows installation of aftermarket rideplate
•  Replaceable sacrificial zinc anode protects cooling system from corrosion
•  Quick release flushing system flushes engine & exhaust cooling passages
•  Billet aluminum pump cover with anodized finish
•  Includes complete installation instructions

Fits all Sea-Doo 4-stroke PWC.

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