New feature saves fuel on WaveRunners

Low RPM mode significantly reduces fuel consumption

Thanks to its personal watercraft industry-first low RPM mode, Yamaha Motor Corporation USA says that Yamaha WaveRunner owners are saving up to 26% in fuel costs based on annual use.

Fuel savings were calculated using the Yamaha FX SHO Series and regular 87-octane fuel. According to Yamaha, WaveRunners are the only line of personal watercraft optimized for regular unleaded fuel rather than more expensive, higher octane blends.

“It’s clear that fuel consumption is an important factor in determining how people enjoy their time on the water,” says Yamaha watercraft national marketing manager Bryan Seti. “We’ve always been focused on creating cleaner, more efficient engines and our low RPM mode helps our owners save money and still enjoy the fun and excitement of riding a Yamaha WaveRunner.”

Activated wirelessly using a handheld remote transmitter, Yamaha’s low RPM mode automatically adjusts the maximum RPM across all throttle positions.

Besides the FX SHO Series, Yamaha’s low RPM mode can be found on half the models in Yamaha’s 2008 WaveRunner lineup.

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