Bourgeoius wins second Red Bull Tow-At title

Sea-Doo Wake 155 pulls surfers at competition

BRP will be delivering a new Sea-Doo GTI watercraft to Ben Bourgeoius for winning the 2009 Red Bull Tow-At surf event in Sebastian, Fla.

Bourgeoius became the first two-time winner in the five year history of event by landing the day’s best big air trick behind the pull of the 2009 Sea-Doo Wake 155 watercraft. Eleven other competitors pushed through choppy conditions during an unseasonably cool and windy day at Sebastian inlet only to fall behind Bourgeoius’ huge aerial 360 and successful re-entry on his way to the Red Bull Tow-At win.

Ben Bourgeois won the inaugural Red Bull Tow-At five years ago and now, at the age of 30, captured his second Sea-Doo powered Tow-At crown.

“It really feels great to win, especially since it was so tough out there,” says Bourgeois. “I was just lucky to get such a good score early in my heat.”

The Tow-At event is becoming a fan-favorite as the Sea-Doo Wake 155 watercraft allows the competitors to hit up to 15 more waves in the time it would take to paddle into one with rapid pick ups after each ride. The towing capabilities of the Sea-Doo watercraft also pull the elite surfers into waves at speeds of up to 20-miles per hour, allowing them to launch into the air for huge tricks and deep carving turns on the wave face. Fans lined the water’s edge and no one wanted to take their eyes off the water in fear of missing the move of the day during the fast paced Tow-At surf action.

The Sea-Doo Wake 155 proved to be the perfect tow vehicle in the challenging surf conditions. The hull craft is designed to ride on top of the waves rather than piercing them like other brands and nowhere was that more valuable than in the choppy surf during the Red Bull Tow-At event. The 155 horsepower 4-TEC engine provided the power needed for quick pick-ups and the exclusive Sea-Doo ski pylon helped get the athletes up fast and into the waves quickly during the timed event.

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