2009 Yamaha WaveRunners topping sales charts

Yamaha says top four selling PWCs are WaveRunners

Yamaha Watercraft has announced that for the 2009 personal watercraft season beginning Oct. 1, the top four best-selling products from the 2009 model year are Yamaha WaveRunners.  

According to Yamaha, WaveRunners that are leading the pack of 2009 models include the FX Cruiser SHO, VX Deluxe, FX SHO, and the VX Cruiser, respectively. The FX Cruiser SHO, Yamaha’s flagship luxury-performance model, was named last year’s Watercraft of the Year by Watercraft World magazine. The VX Deluxe was the best-selling PWC in 2008 and also a previous Watercraft of the Year winner.

“The season has started on an encouraging note as customers are gravitating toward our 2009 products, where they are finding all the features they want at a great price point. What’s even more encouraging is that our two brand new models this year, the FZ and the FX HO series, are just beginning to ship this month and next, which we believe will attract even greater consumer interest,” says Yamaha Watercraft division manager Bryan Seti. “PWC owners are discriminating consumers.  They want the best product and the best price, now more than ever. We are confident that when consumers do their research, Yamaha is the clear choice.”

For more information on Yamaha’s 2009 WaveRunners, visit www.yamaha-motor.com/waverunner.

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