2009 Yamaha WaveRunner Lineup

New FZ Series features telescopic steering column

Yamaha Motor Corp. USA has introduced its 2009 line of WaveRunner personal watercraft, highlighted by two brand new high-performance boats.

Yamaha says the new FZ Series WaveRunners are the first sit-down personal watercraft designed for stand-up riding. This sports-oriented line, which is Yamaha’s answer to Kawasaki’s Ultra 250X and Sea-Doo’s RXT-X and RXP-X, features the industry’s first telescopic steering column to help make it easier for riders go from sitting to standing and offers three different riding positions. The hull, deck and seat were also designed to promote stand-up riding.

The FZ Series includes two models, the FZR and the FZS. The FZR can hold a driver and a passenger, while the FZS seats three and can be used to tow or ride with multiple passengers. Both of these models feature hulls and decks built using Yamaha’s NanoXcel. According to Yamaha, NanoXcel was engineered through nanotechnology to create hulls, decks and liners that have been shown to be stronger and 25% lighter than previous manufacturing methods.

Everything about the hulls of the FZ Series was geared towards aggressive, sport riding. Compared to the hulls in the rest of the WaveRunner line, the FZ hulls are much shorter and designed to be more nimble and agile. The outside chine was angled for lean-in turning, while the Dihedral keel shape is meant to improve high-speed turning, similar to the GP1300R. Yamaha says the larger pump inlet duct results in more acceleration and better pickup and the full-length lifting strakes allow for more top speed.

“It leans and sticks in the water,” says Yamaha’s marketing and communications manager Andrew Cullen. “It turns like it’s built for a race course.”

Both the FZR and FZS are powered by Yamaha’s 1,812cc, supercharged SHO engine, the largest displacement engine in the PWC industry. Yamaha says beyond producing awesome power, this engine is the most fuel efficient in its class and is optimized to deliver top performance using regular unleaded fuel.

“This next generation of the renowned Yamaha GP Series offers improved handling, more power, stronger performance and more versatility than anything else in the segment,” Yamaha says in a release. “The FZ’s all-new hull design combines remarkably tight turning with an edge-to-edge inside-lean character that is as exciting as it is precise.”

The FZR is offered in Metallic Racing Blue and has an MSRP of $12,599, while the FZS is available in Crimson Red Metallic & Stealth Black and will retail for $12,899. PersonalWatercraft.com will have full reviews of the FZR and FZS in the early Fall.

2009 FZ Series Specs
Engine 1.8 liter, 1812cc, supercharged 4-stroke engine
Impeller 3 blade, stainless steel (17º pitch)
Length FZR: 131.9 in., FZS: 132.7 in.
Beam 48.4 in.
Height 45.7 in.
Fuel Capacity 18.5 gal.
Combined Stowage Capacity 21.3 gal.
Hull Material NanoXcel high-compression molded compound
Price FZR: $12,599, FZS: $12,899

FX HO and FX Cruiser HO

Yamaha’s FX Cruiser HO and FX HO have both been given major upgrades for 2009. Topping the list of upgrades, Yamaha replaced the 1,052cc engine with its 1,812cc normally aspirated marine engine. This provides an enormous performance bump with quicker acceleration and a higher top speed.

Also new for 2009, the FX HO and FX Cruiser HO now feature cruise assist, no wake mode and reverse with traction control. Yamaha says cruise assist allows for steady towing and simple speed adjustments, while no wake mode regulates RPMs for improved low-speed maneuverability. Reverse with traction control is designed to reduce cavitations for easier docking and launching.

The 2009 FX HO is available in Eclipse Black and has an MSRP of $11,299, while the FX Cruiser HO comes in Platinum Metallic and retails for $11,899.

2009 FX HO Series Specs
Engine 1.8 liter, 1812cc, four-stroke engine
Impeller 3 blade, stainless steel (17º pitch)
Length 132.7 in.
Beam 48.4 in.
Height 45.7 in.
Fuel Capacity 18.5 gal.
Combined Stowage Capacity 23.7 gal.
Hull Material NanoXcel high-compression molded compound
Price FX HO: $11,299, FX Cruiser HO: $11,899

Yamaha’s award-winning FX Cruiser SHO ($13,199) and FX SHO ($12,599) are returning for 2009, as is the SuperJet stand-up PWC ($7,199) and the VX line, consisting of the VX Cruiser ($8,699), VX Deluxe ($8,299), VX Sport ($7,899) and VX ($7,699) models.

Yamaha says its VX Deluxe is the top selling PWC in the industry, while the VX Cruiser, which features a new reboarding step on the back, is the third leading seller.

“Our story in 2009 is about offering a best in class product at every segment of the market,” says Mark Speaks, president of Yamaha Watercraft. “We are doing this through a continued focus on fuel efficiency, performance, technology and value across the entire line. These key attributes have led our SHO series to become the most award winning personal watercraft ever, and our VX line to lead the industry in sales.”

Fuel efficiency was a key consideration for Yamaha designers and engineers and the company says every model in its 2009 lineup is the most fuel efficient in its class. Yamaha says in many cases WaveRunners use up to two gallons of fuel less per hour than competitive models. According to Yamaha, WaveRunner owners can reduce their fuel consumption up to 26% by using the Low RPM Mode.

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