2015 Sea-Doo Lineup Preview

One year after the Spark, Sea-Doo sticking with familiar lineup

Following a big, expensive – and ultimately quite successful – push for the ground-breaking Spark in 2014, it’s no surprise that Sea-Doo has elected to stick with the status quo for the coming 2015 model year, returning essentially the same 18-boat lineup.

It’s a lineup once again highlighted by the GTX models in the Luxury segment, GTI models in the Recreational line, RXP/RXT models in the Performance segment, and WAKE models in the Tow Sports segment. And yes, the two-up and three-up Spark is holding down the Rec Lite category.

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“In 2014, BRP’s Sea-Doo line had one of its strongest years in over a decade with the introduction of the Sea-Doo Spark watercraft, marking one of BRP’s most successful product launches,” noted Chris Dawson, vice-president and general manager, Global Sales and Consumer Experience division. “The introduction of the Sea-Doo Spark has certainly rejuvenated the industry by bringing new and younger entrants who are now discovering that the Sea-Doo brand offers the best PWC for fun on the water.”

2015 Sea-Doo Spark TrailerLast year’s introduction of the Sea-Doo Spark was a huge success for BRP.

Bright New Colors

Without doubt, the Spark was a big success, reportedly virtually selling out before the summer season had even begun. For 2015 the popular model, which retains its $4,999 starting price, will once again be featured in five colorways, including Bubble Gum, Orange Crush, Pineapple, Vanilla, and Licorice. Six new stick-on graphic kits have been added to the current mix, bringing the number of possible color/graphic combinations to a total of 26.

The Spark’s bright color influence appears to have trickled upwards to the rest of the line, but in particular the Recreation segment. GTI models will now be available in the bright shades of Manta Green or Maldives Blue, bright, vibrant shades that should make the craft stand out not just on the showroom floor, but also on a crowded waterway.

2015 Sea-Doo GTI 130The bright colors of the Spark have influenced much of Sea-Doo’s 2015 lineup.

WAKE models, based on the GTI 155 and GTX 215, will retain their already bold Dayglow colors and graphics from last year.

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The Manta Green color will also find its way into the Luxury segment for 2015 as a contrasting highlight to the Anthracite Grey colorway on Limited models. GTX 155 models will pair a black hull and white deck with Alloy Orange. In the performance segment, bright Sunburst Yellow becomes the color of the moment, mixed in as an accent on the primarily black GTR 215 and RXT 260, and taking over as the predominant shade on the RXT-X 260, RXT-X aS 260, and RXP-X 260.

2015 Sea-Doo RXT-X aS 260Sunburst Yellow gives the RXP-X aS 260 a bold look for 2015.

So…Anything Truly New?

It’s not all just colors and graphics for 2015. One notable change virtually across the board is a new Radio Frequency (RF) key that promises to offer a more precise connection to each boat, as well as still incorporate the Digitally Encoded Security System on all full-size models (An RF D.E.S.S. key is optional on the Spark models). The RF key promises to instantly activate the craft when connected, doing away with any lag found in the previous D.E.S.S. key system.

Sea-Doo RF D.E.S.S. KeyA new Radio Frequency key comes standard on all Sea-Doo models except for the Spark in 2015.

As to pricing, Sea-Doo appears to be inching upwards slightly, as most manufacturers tend to do every year. One notable exception is the GTS 130, which has actually dropped in price to $7,899.

2015 Sea-Doo GTS 130A rarity in the PWC industry, the Sea-Doo GTS 130 actually went down in price for 2015.