2008 Sea-Doo RXT-X Preview

Race-inspired technology on a comfortable three-seater

When it comes to Sea-Doo’s RXT-X model, speed is the first word that comes to mind.

The folks at Sea-Doo aren’t shy about telling you that the unit is powered by an industry-leading 255 hp, supercharged, intercooled, Rotax 4-TEC engine.

“It’s like nothing the industry’s ever seen before,” BRP district sales manager Scott MacWilliam told PersonalWatercraft.com.

MacWilliam is referring to more than just the horsepower. Everything on Sea-Doo’s three-seat musclecraft has been designed to bring racing to mind.

“What we’ve done is created a race-inspired unit” says MacWilliam. “We’ve got handlebars that are adjustable and maneuverable. They’re a little bit higher and a little bit wider. What’s that’s going to do is give you some real leverage into the corners.”

Sea-Doo’s X-handlebars also afford other race-inspired options, including a new throttle.

“It’s an aluminum braided throttle and it’s unique to racing, but for the first time ever we’ve offered it to the consumer,” says MacWilliam.

The RXT-X also has a pair of adjustable variable trim system (VTS) presents, which are accessible on the X-handlebars.

“If you’re racing and you prefer a certain pitch to the vehicle in certain water conditions, depending on your weight and your skill level, you can preset the trim system to however you prefer,” says MacWilliam. “If you like to accelerate hard out of the hole, you’d want to pitch the VTS down so as soon as you accelerate the front or bow of the boat is going to level out very quickly.”

Multi-port fuel injection keeps the RXT-X running with consistent power at all RPM ranges and helps reduce emissions and fuel consumption. A racing pump comes equipped with a high-performance intake grate and is designed to ensure that the inlet stays hooked up and fills the pump for maximum thrust, even in rough or choppy conditions.

Sea-Doo even considered the carpeting in the footwells on this race-inspired watercraft.

“We’ve done diamond plate aquamats on the bottom,” says MacWilliam. “What that does is give you extra grip to hold onto and you’ll absolutely need that with the G-force of this unit.”

A low-profile seat makes it easier for to position your body back and forth and use your body more effectively while cornering.

With a 15.9-gallon fuel tank, the RXT-X will have plenty of gas for a long day of racing on the water. Also, you can also take whatever supplies you need with you thanks to nearly 30 gallons of storage space.

Sea-Doo addressed the issue of low-speed steering with its Off-Power Assisted Steering (OPAS). As the name suggests, this assists the driver with steering during off-power and off-throttle situations.

The multifunction digital information center reports 20 operating functions, including speed, compass, fuel level, overheat, hour meter and check engine.

With a suggested price tag of US$13,299, the RXT-X certainly doesn’t come cheap and its high-powered engine is not for the inexperienced rider. However, if you’re the type of person that likes to be the fastest on the water and still have enough room to take a couple of friends for a ride, this has got to be on your short list.

RXT-X Specs
Engine Type : 255 hp Supercharged Intercooled Rotax 4-TEC
Intake system : Supercharged with intercooler, 52mm throttle body
Bore x stroke : 100mm x 63.4mm
Displacement : 1494cc
Compression ratio : 8:4:1
Cooling : Closed-loop cooling system
Fuel type : Premium unleaded
Length : 130.0 in. (331.0cm)
Width : 48.0 in. (122.0cm)
Height : 46.5 in. (118.0cm)
Weight (dry) : 818 lbs. (372kg)
Rider capacity : 1, 2 or 3
Fuel capacity : 15.9 US gallons (60L)
Storage capacity : 29.6 US gallons (112.1L)
Propulsion system : Sea-Doo Direct Drive
Jet pump : Aluminum, axial flow, single stage, large hub with 10-vane stator
Transmission : Direct drive, forward/neutral/reverse and high performance electric VTS
Impeller : Stainless steel
Ignition : Digital inductive
Starter : Electric
Battery : 12 volt
Type : Modified-V, composite
Color : Hyper Silver
X-handlebars: Standard
Billet finger throttle: Standard
High performance VTS: Standard
X-traction footwell carpet and deck pad: Standard
X-coloration seat: Standard
Information Center (19 functions): Standard
Speedometer (Information Center): Standard
Tachometer (Information Center): Standard
Information Center (20 functions): Standard
D.E.S.S.: Standard
O.P.A.S. system: Standard
Sea-Doo Learning Key: Standard
Mirrors: Standard
Double density comfort hand grips: Standard

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