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Big St. Charles Motorsports Reviews Write A Review

Josh Hubbard (I am a Customer)
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Feb. 25, 2018
Great Customer Service!! Jake and Stewart went above and beyond to get me into a new Waverunner! I also live over an hour away and they offered to deliver it for free!! Thanks Big St. Charles, and your whole team!!
Disney H (I am a Customer)
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Mar. 10, 2017

Here is a short summary for those not willing to read my full story.
The worst customer service I've ever come into contact with.
Will damage your bike during repair and claim they didn't do it.
Will keep your bike for weeks on end for the simplest of repairs.
Salesmen will try to scam you.
Might be able to get an acceptable price on a bike.
Adequate financing.


Before I begin, I want to make it clear that this is an exact explanation of the events that have forced me to try and save you from entering this establishment. What big St.Charles Motorsports has done to me is criminal.

Horrible experiences back to back.
When I first bought my bike at this location, their salesperson scammed me into buying a tire package. He said the tire package covered tread wear which it does not. If he had explained the tire package even remotely correctly I would have never spent $400 on it, it is not a good service. This is how the scam works. The salesman tells you when your tires get low just bring your bike in for a new set. But when your tires do actually get low, the window to cancel the tire package is already closed. So by the time you find out you got duped, you can't get your money back. Be sure to read everything you sign word for word and DO NOT trust these salesmen to summarize anything. And be sure to flip pages over to check for hidden things on the back. The contracts they use have the basic formalities on the front, where you sign, and all of the ridiculous specifics on the back being hidden by the salesmen. This will be the last time I make that mistake.

Ignoring this loss right out of the gate when I bought my bike....

A few months later I had to take my bike in for warranty service through Kawasaki. They fixed the problem with the bike, but caused unsightly damage to my rear fairings! When I confronted them about it, they said that because the front fairings were damaged, that they couldn't be responsible to damage they caused to the rear fairings.

Let me say that again. Because there is damage to the front fairings on my bike, they feel they are obligated to damage anything else on the bike and get away with it. Keep in mind, front fairings are completely separate, they are not connected in anyway, to the rear fairings. To fix the existing damage I would have only had to by replacement front fairings. Now I have to buy a full set because of their carelessness!

I've already filed a claim with my insurance, but I doubt it will help. This company is confident enough to prey on their own customers, I'm sure they know how to talk to insurance companies. I will never be going back, I will drive the extra hour to get to the other Kawasaki dealer. I have no idea why Kawasaki allows this type of criminal activity at their dealerships.

Liars, scam artists, fraudulent business practices, all you need to know.
Stay away.
SUsan (I am a Customer)
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Sep. 08, 2016
DON'T EVEN DESERVE A STAR - SAalse men and sales manager were great. GM and Service Mgr are the problem!Biggest pieces of shit who care nothing about customer service, the quality of the brands they represent, or the safety of their customer. You are a check coming in when you walk out with that new bike and that is it. Don't ever waste your money here . My husband bought a brand new CBR 1000RR and the fairing came off while riding the first week, then on his third week the bike makes this noise and hebring it in and they say it's just cam tensioner breaking in. 6 miles later his clutch is burnt up... Honda rep said it wasntt adjusted right and they will cover the part.... Big St Charles says you don't know how to ride a 1000 miles you have to pay $400 dollars for us to put it on.. He is almost 40 years old...traded in a 2012 Harley with almost 30k miles and we have a 2005 R6 with 11k miles and neither have needed anything but routine maintenance and tires. Dennis the GM knows nothing of customer service when every employee including the sales manager Todd said they should cover it. Tom the service manager should not be in his position. Not only does he know nothing about bikes, hes the one who saw my bike and told me it was cam tensioner, but he is cocky when it comes to his job and this could have cost me my life it that would have went out on the highway. If he would have taken the time to check it out instead of being cocky the clutch would not have been driven on and burnt up. Please share and tell everyone not to buy here or at their Harley store... They rip you off....
Ry (I am a Customer)
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Sep. 01, 2016
Bought a new bike here recently, sticker price was $3999 with about 750 in additional fees. The financing guy tried to trick me into buying an extended warranty on top of the factory warranty that he never mentioned.I did buy the limited 5 year warranty and I regret it. First bill came in the mail and this bike cost me $6100 not to mention the 14% interest.

Bike had a light go out while still on the dealers tank of fuel. They said they were too busy to fix it and scheaduled it for two weeks later.
tim (I visited this Dealer)
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Mar. 27, 2016
unfriendly people. i quit going there after looking at motorcycles one time. sales staff acted as if i was wasting their time when asking questions. i get stuff online now for my atv since asking for parts there is like im asking them to pull their teeth out. all they care about is how many people come to their outdoor parties. will buy my harley down in villa ridge harley dealer. they are nice guys and treat you right there.
Steve (I am a Customer)
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Mar. 31, 2015
My brother and I went in to buy 2 motorcycles. The staff acted like we were putting them out in some way. They didn't know the product and there answer to our questions was always, I need my computer.
I will never waste my time going here again.
They missed out on 2 sales 30k each.
bob (I am a Customer)
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Jun. 21, 2014
They know there stuff when it comes to parts
Joseph Grate (I am a Customer)
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Oct. 02, 2013
This place is all a show and a giant warehouse of motorcycles. Their service department has the lowest quality customer service available. When I bought my Gsx-r 750 a year ago I took it to them for a valve inspection and they questioned me on what a valve inspection is and was pissed I was wasting their time. The second time was for a new tire. When I picked up the bike my old tire was still on there and had to interrupt my schedule so they can fix their mess. The third time was to check my Fuel Inspection light. I payed for a full hour of service only to have them say they don't know what is wrong and need $120 more to find out.

Why do I go here? Because they are close and have a good inventory of parts and gear. But even if they are the closest Motorcycle service department, I would go the extra miles to another and spend the extra money, and would recommend everyone else to do so as well. Big's St. Charles Motorsports do not care about customer support.
Anonymous (I am a Customer)
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Sep. 27, 2012
Staff seemed fairly attentive to customers. In accessories had decent knowledge of products and features, tried to only sell SHOEI and ARAI helmets though which were way out of my price range. Service through dealing with them money wise was good. Had some issues communication wise about exactly when my bike was delivered. And also had problems with accessories being installed. Was never told that it would cost $45+ dollars to add brush guards. After spending the money to buy the bike, which was a few thousand dollars I figured that adding guards to it would have taken 10 minutes and been free. But as I said, lack of good communication.

Hoping my extended warranty is worth it. And I hope I dont have to deal with them again really in the future unless its to deal with warranty related things.

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