Yamaha Working on Portable Water Jet Propulsion System

Yamaha has filed patent applications with the United States Patent and Trademark office (USPTO) for a portable water jet propulsion system.

The patent is for a submersible propulsion unit that can be attached to watercraft that don’t normally have motorized propulsion – like stand-up paddle boards, surf boards and kayaks. Yamaha has drawings for both a watch and a paddle that can control the propulsion unit.

Yamaha Water Jet Propulsion Watch

Water Jet Propulsion System Paddle

Here is how Yamaha describes the water jet propulsion system in the patent application:

In view of the current state of the technology, it has been discovered that a need exists for an aquatic jet propulsion device that is relatively compact and lightweight so as not to interfere with the normal non-motor propelled operation of the aquatic vessel.

Water Jet Propulsion System 3

In accordance with one aspect of the present disclosure, an aquatic jet propulsion device is provided that basically includes a floating body, a submersible propulsion unit and a communication device. The floating body has an above water level surface and a below water level surface. The submersible propulsion unit is disposed on the floating body beneath the below water level surface of the floating body. The communication device is wired to the submersible propulsion unit, and is configured to wirelessly communicate with a control module.

There is a great deal more information in the patent applications, which you can see here, here and here.

Water Jet Propulsion System 1

It’s not hard to imagine some interesting applications for this technology. For example, a small fishing boat with this water jet propulsion system would be very useful for lakes where paddling to find new fishing spots might require too much effort.

Water Jet Propulsion System 2

Our favorite looking drawing, though, is one that shows a swimmer or diver wearing these portable water jet propulsion units on her legs. Your next snorkeling adventure would be an awful lot of fun with a pair of those strapped to you.

Water Jet Propulsion System 4