PersonalWatercraft Holiday Gift Guide

With the holiday season upon us, we decided to help knock a few things off your shopping list with our PersonalWatercraft Holiday Gift Guide.

PWC Gear

PWC Gear: PWC Holiday Gift Guide

Having the cool wearable to keep up with the trends is important to some, but having good warm gear is even more important. Getting a gift of water shorts or a complete set of PWC gear would be exciting for any lover of the open water.


Sponsons: PWC Holiday Gift Guide

Increasing the performance of your PWC is something most will eventually look to do and a set of Performance Sponsons might be the next step to that next day on the water.

Trailer Tires

Trailer Tires: PWC Holiday Gift Guide

Trailer tires seem like an incredibly odd gift, right? Maybe so, but they should be replaced regardless of the condition at least every five years due to dry rot. Just a thought.


Impeller: PWC Holiday Gift Guide

Getting that extra push and performance from a PWC can be exhilarating. You can add a performance impeller to get the smile on their face wider and wider as the throttle is pressed. Choose wisely and be sure you can handle the hugs!

Deck Mat

Deck Mat: PWC Holiday Gift Guide

Hydro Turf mats are great for those less than gripping days on the water. Keeping your feet steady and in place on your PWC is a must for serious riding and is also a safe bet for a full day of trouble free tricks.

PWC Cover

PWC Cover: PWC Holiday Gift Guide

We all know that even in the best conditions their will come a time when the PWC must be stowed away until the next ride day comes. How about a durable cover to keep the boat safe from the elements during these down days?

Detail Kit

Detail Kit: PWC Holiday Gift Guide

If your PWC fanatic loves to keep their ride clean and slick then maybe a nice detail kit would fit their stocking this year. Cleaning the Personal watercraft also means it will look fast even sitting still!

12vlt Charge Port

12vlt Charge Port: PWC Holiday Gift Guide

We all know that even though we are doing what we love there will be times when every water baby needs to check in. It’s also a good idea should you have trouble on the water to have a full charge on your phone. So a good 12vlt outlet to be installed into the storage compartment might be a great gift!

Dry Bag

Dry Bag: PWC Holiday Gift Guide

Keeping things dry might be a little bit of a weird project when you know that the PWC rider in your life loves water. Keeping a spare towel or personal items dry though might be part of their wish list. That’s where a good dry bag comes into play!

Gift Card

Gift Card: PWC Holiday Gift Guide

Who does not love to pick their own gifts? Giving a gift card would be the most useful gift you could possibly give because if it’s a Master card or Visa it can also be used for fuel. If you get one from Bass Pro Shops they can also get the oil for the fuel too!