Sea-Doo 300 Rear Exhaust Kits from RIVA Racing

Kits fit all 300-horsepower Sea-Doo models

If you are looking for more performance and style out of your 300-horsepower Sea-Doo models, you’ll want to check out RIVA Racing‘s new Rear Exhaust Kits.

Here is how RIVA Racing describes its product:

“Our rear exhaust kit delivers performance and cutting-edge style. Allows for removal of restrictive sound suppression system located between water box and hull exit. Improves engine performance by reducing back pressure and restriction. Includes mandrel bent aluminum exhaust tube that is powder coated to prevent corrosion, large billet through-hull exhaust outlet, OEM exhaust outlet block-off and high-temp silicone couplers along with all necessary mounting hardware & installation instructions.”

Two different kits are available – one for the RXP X 300 and one for the RXT X 300 and GTX Limited 300. The only difference is a different shape to the exhaust tube. And since the tubes are mandrel bent, there are no welds that can fail down the road.

According to RIVA Racing, adding the rear exhaust kit will result in a deeper and slightly louder exhaust tone and increases water flow while reducing heat retention.

MSRP for the RIVA Racing Rear Exhaust Kits is $349.95. Click here for more information.