Shore Ramp PWC-50 Introduced

New product allows users to store a PWC out of the water

Lakeside Recreation LLC today announces the introduction of the Shore Ramp PWC-50. The new Shore Ramp PWC-50 provides an economical and convenient means to store your Personal Watercraft up on your shore, safe from staining algae, fouling zebra mussels, and pounding waves.

The gentle incline and large, low-friction poly rollers make it easy to crank your PWC up onto the Shore Ramp PWC-50 with much less effort than required by traditional boat lifts. When it is time to get back on the water, your PWC can be launched in seconds.

When your watercraft is stored on land, you conveniently can put the cover on and off and access it for fueling, cleaning, or other maintenance.  When it is time to go boating again, your watercraft can be launched in seconds, getting you on the water without delay.

The extended length handles larger 3-person watercraft up to 12 feet long with room to spare. The sturdy frame is constructed entirely of high-strength aluminum and is rated for up to 1100 lbs.

Weighing only 77 lbs, the Shore Ramp PWC-50 is easy to position on your shore. For those in more northerly locations where lake equipment must be removed for the winter, the PWC-50 can be conveniently pulled out by one person, and you won’t even have to get in the cold water.

Compared to a traditional boat lift, the PWC-50 is quicker and easier to use. It allows easy access to your PWC without obstructing vertical poles. Also, there is no need to waste valuable dock space or add expensive dock sections.

Other roller ramps with ladder-style frames have sharp-edged cross-beams and exterior rails that risk scratching your watercraft.  The Shore Ramp PWC-50 with its large rollers mounted outboard on cantilevered round axles eliminates the chance of scratching the hull of your watercraft.

The Shore Ramp PWC-50 ships as a kit with all parts and fasteners that can be assembled in about 30 minutes.

The Shore Ramp PWC-50 is available immediately for purchase online at