Marine 1 – New Lubricant and Protectant for Boating Needs

Designed to shed moisture and remove salt

The makers of a proven line of USDA Certified Biobased high-tech anti-gunk firearm and machine lubricant and protectant just moved into the Marine watercraft/boating market with their new and unique USDA Biobased Cleaner, lubricant and protectant, Marine 1.

Marine 1 is a boating industry variant of SEAL1‘s popular cleaner, lubricant and protectant for firearms and machinery. Marine 1 is highly water resistant and sheds moisture of course, but it’s also formulated to be a salt remover, pollutant cleaner and polish for plastic, wood vinyl and metal surfaces. It also helps to prevent oxidation. Marine 1 has an incredibly wide range of applications, from fishing gear to even fighting oxidation/sea corrosion in light sockets and other shipboard electrical components – and it does not dry out or gunk things up.

Marine 1 can be used as a polish, lubricant and protectant on all metallic boat components such as snaps, fittings, lines, pulleys, and cables, and on all metal-to-metal contact points found in watercraft (not intended for engines or transmissions due to the very high temperatures and pressures involved).

A small amount of Marine 1 will go a long way. It comes in both liquid and paste form in a wide variety of sizes to match every boater’s needs and, of course, boat size. Available in sizes from 4-ounce liquid and paste all the way up to one-gallon liquid jugs and ½-gallon paste-in-a-pail. MSRPs range from $10.40 for the 4-oz paste to $314.00 for the one-gallon liquid jug.

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