Sea-Doo RXP-X Cool Air Vent Kit

Help remove hot air from your engine compartment

RIVA Racing has introduced a new Cool Air Vent Kit for Sea-Doo RXP-X 260 and 300 models.

“This kit was designed to remove hot air from the back of your engine compartment for increased power and reliability,” RIVA says on its website. “Quickly vents heated air produced by exhaust system and engine via two large 2.5″ openings.”

RIVA Cool Air Vent Kit Drawing

The RIVA vents feature an integrated pre-filter that is designed to allow air to pass freely while keeping water away from your PWC’s internals. RIVA says the kit installs easily into plastic grab handle base.

Each RIVA Cool Air Vent Kit comers with 2.5″ Flo-Rite Vents and one 2.5″ hole saw. Visit for more information.

RIVA Cool Air Vent Kit Contents